My Priority and Measuring Loss

Posted to my Facebook page  1/5/15

I recently received my daughter’s School Report in the mail. It remains the only tiny shred of information that tells me she is alive. You can imagine how utterly overwhelming is the spectrum of emotions I go through when I hold that precious bit of paper and drink in every single word -over and over again. Or can you? It’s not really that different to the overwhelming emotions alienated parents go through practically every hour of every single day.

My daughter has been betrayed by people of influence who should hang their heads in shame. Her places of learning have failed her; various counsellors, lawyers, family members and Court professionals have failed her. The system has failed her. Our society has failed her. This was preventable and should not have happened. Parental Alienation (and its myriad of subtleties which bring the same result) is child abuse and needs to be recognised and treated as such.

I am channeling my outrage in two ways. My priority is to be available and as healthy and happy as I can manage so that I am right where my daughter needs me to be when she resurfaces from the underworld. I haven’t always been happy and healthy given the torture that is PA but with support from a wonderful wife and friends, I know my many blessings. I have always been available though. I have relentlessly assured her that she can call me about anything on any day at any time – always. I believe she knows that will never change.

My second intention is to help raise awareness that PA (or pathogenic parenting) is child abuse – nothing less. Child abuse is everyone’s business. It is not ok to stick your head in the sand when a child’s treatment of an emotionally available parent does not add up.

Its too late to save the years my daughter has already lost with her paternal family but I want to help prevent some others from going through this evil nightmare that ruins lives. Understanding is improving and awareness is growing with researchers such as Woodall and Childress opening doors. Please take an interest.


The article below captures the pain that is felt by child and parent.

Measuring Loss.

How do we measure the loss to a child when a parent is removed through family separation by one hostile parent acting against the other. Or the loss that happens when the court officer says ‘no con…photo(5)

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