Fathers Day Poem

I wrote this poem a couple of days before Fathers Day 2013. I find it the hardest day of the year.

Sitting in her room
And I fear that soon
As Father’s Day approaches
That the bird of doom
Brings with the gloom
Thoughts of liars, thieves and poachers.

I still recall the day
The mother moved away
And every word she’d promised me
But I never knew
Never had a clue
That she could live life so dishonestly.

It wasn’t much
To keep in touch
My daughter’s voice I’d seek
But they cast a net
I couldn’t even get
One measly call a week.

I’m telling you
If I did get through
I would have to run the gauntlet
Past an angry male
Who would never fail
To threaten me and flaunt it.

The only thing
That he would bring
Were vile attempts to bait
And as her Dad
I felt so sad
She lived amongst their hate.

A Consent Order
For our precious daughter
Meant no need for fighting
But they’d block contact
And that’s a fact
I’ve got it all in writing.

When I’d step back
To stop the flak
They’d simply undermine me
Use any excuse
Backed up with abuse
So treacherous and slimy.

I complained in vain
As they changed her name
And built a mighty fortress
And the mother smiled
As she hid my child
Making every path quite torturous.

I felt a fool
When I rang her school
“Gone somewhere else to learn”
So I called the home
She hung up the phone
“It isn’t your concern”.

Losing patience
Tried her relations
Could anyone lend a hand?
“Though you’re the father
We’d still rather
Stick our heads in sand”.

I so tried
To stem the tide
They’d turned into an ocean
But the more I screamed
The more it seemed
A train wreck in slow motion.

It sure ain’t fun
To deal with one
Who pretends to be religious
But I faced a gun
Because she’d become
Cashed up and litigious.

So the lawyers came
And I played their game
Seems I didn’t have much choice
Nothing to gain
Do you know the pain
When you scream without a voice?

They trashed my name
Just to shift the blame
Filthy lies and allegation
Never thought I’d find
I’d have so much in kind
With the stolen generation.

I always thought
When you go to Court
You at least get natural justice
But I was wrong
Simply strung along
And then kicked in the dusters.

When it was brought
Before the Court
They didn’t give a hoot
And the legal firms
All took their turns
At carrying off our loot.

Family Court
Is just a rort
Completely no assistance
Now I know
It prefers to go
The path of least resistance.

Try to navigate
What’s put on my plate
The peaks, the plains, the ruts
But there’s a massive hole
Deep in my soul
Caused by a thousand cuts.

Maybe I regret
The day we met
And without exaggeration
If emotional pain
Has got a name
It’s parental alienation.

Some people say
“Just walk away
You are drowning in emotion”
Can’t they see
We can’t get free
It’s called Fatherly Devotion.

Don’t need to focus
Much to notice
That I’m bloody bitter
But where my girl’s involved
I’ve resolved
To never be a quitter.

And I know a thing
About parenting
That cannot be ignored
There’s no guarantee
For you or me
That effort brings reward.

Still I miss my girl
She means the world
Of course I’ve made mistakes
Though I’ve been wronged
I know our bond
It bends but never breaks.

So I do my best
It’s the hardest test
Many times I’ve shed a tear
But in my own way
I know I can say
I’m Father of the Year.


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