Thai Tellers tell us.

Originally posted on my FB page 10/6/16

Today my wife and I dropped into the little bank branch at the local market. They saw her surname and asked if she is Mr Thongchai _____’s daughter. My wife answered in the affirmative and they asked about his health but could not hide their amusement.

Apparently he visits the bank almost every day and either deposits or withdraws a very small sum or sometimes just asks for his passbook to be updated to check for any changes.

He has another account at the bank a few doors down and he does the same there. They suspect sometimes he moves a small sum from one to the other and back again the next day.

To further complicate the visits, his hearing is very poor so he makes his request very loudly. Everyone in the branch hears and then the tellers invariably find themselves having to shout so he can understand them.

You would think this might annoy the staff but on the contrary, they spoke with great fondness and respect for the kindly loud man with the very serious daily financial transactions.

Footnote: We read this post (in Thai) to my wife’s mum at dinner. She laughed and laughed and said he moves his money back and forward between the two branches every second day. Sometimes he gets mixed up and goes into the wrong bank asking where his money has gone. Too funny.

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