PA DAY Australia

Published to Facebook 12/10/16

Today is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. I have something to say.
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Benjamin Franklin

Many of you know my ongoing story. My daughter is 18 and I have shared less than 8 hours with her since she was 12. We had as strong a loving bond as can be but I learned the hard way that PA can be subtle and relentless. 

I became outraged at how our society ignorantly disregarded all my daughter’s blatant warning bells. Children are neurologically hard wired to stay attached to loving parents. If they appear to choose to lose a parent something is very wrong. PA is not benign and it is far from natural. It is emotional child abuse and that is everyone’s business. 

I became outraged at how our Institutions such as schools and our broken Family Court became enablers of the abuse. 
Outrage led me to be trained as a facilitator at Dads in Distress where I now help other parents understand and manage the living death that is PA. We work closely with Mums in Distress and we rail against gender blame. There are no winners in PA – only victims. 

If you were to meet the grieving parents who reach out to our support networks and hear their stories about PA you would likely be moved to tears. PA Australia private Facebook group is only 2 years old and has over 700 despairing mums and dads whose lives are in limbo. How many children are out there being denied a loving parent while society averts its eyes?

If you were to then read any of the research that unequivocally points out how emotionally damaging this is to our children (often for life), you would probably be outraged enough to demand change. 

Parental alienation is not a custody issue. It is a child protection issue and children have the right to be protected from it. Be outraged. If you come across a child choosing to reject a parent, don’t avert your eyes. Ask questions. Be aware.

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