PA Day. Another year lost. Needlessly.  

Posted to FB 12/10/17

Today is Parental Alienation Awareness Day in Australia

Today also marks precisely 4 years since I last saw my daughter’s face.

So Today I’ll tell it like it is.

Another year gone for alienated children.

Another year without my daughter and another year she is without her Dad.

Another year that my daughter is severed from half her family.

Another year she remains disconnected from half of her identity.

Another year of off-the-scale betrayal by a person who willfully validates the daughter’s unnatural choices and still rejects my pleadings to do the research and help her.

Another year of pretending the stepfather doesn’t exist because: What sort of a man gets his kicks out of gleefully obstructing another father’s relationship with his child?

Another year of inexcusable ignorance from the entire maternal family who could have helped, but chose the low road.

Another year of wishing someone, anyone, would tell me something, anything, about her.

Another year of feeling like I am missing a limb, starved of oxygen or permanently carrying an anchor around my heart.

Another year of skipped heartbeats when I see a particular flash of blonde hair or hear a chatty voice that resembles my girl.

Another year of listening to friends complain about their children and wishing I had those problems

Another year of watching my mother grieve for her granddaughter while worrying about her son. It’s almost 8 years without contact for her.

Another year of listening to well-meaning people say “she’ll be back soon”

Another year of tolerating idiots who say ” I’d never let that happen to me”

Another year of trying to make sense where there is none

Another year of watching my cup runneth over with despair and trying to hide my tears

Another year of trying not to dwell on the gravity of an utterly needless loss

Another year of trying to limit the collateral damage on my other loving relationships

Another year of listening to the excuses, denials, insults and incompetence of politicians promising or pretending to address social justice in family law

Another year of enduring the toxic chorus of feminist narratives that preach equality but demand priority.

Another year of wondering when the understanding of the psychology of PA will actually guide the decisions that affect children for life.

Another year of watching narcissistic parents emotionally poison our children at will while our Institutions enable them.

Another year of watching other parents, mums as well as dads, clawing desperately for help as they lose their children down the Family Court/PA black hole.

Another year of coming to terms with celebrities getting 6 figure payouts for rumour journalism while Dads get absolutely nothing after losing their kids, house, reputation and dignity to baseless DV allegations even when later found to be false.

Another year of learning more and more from current research just how devastatingly harmful this emotional abuse is to our children – yet not being able to help them.

Another year of hearing gut-wrenchingly sad stories from the Dads who continue to flow into Dads in Distress meetings asking if life is worth living

Another year of watching society fail our children and sweeping PA under the rug.

Another year of counting my many blessings and never giving up

Another year advocating for positive change

Today is PA Awareness Day. Be aware. Join us in demanding change.

Life is short. I miss my girl and deep, deep down, I know she misses me.

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