The Dimly Lit World of the Alienated Child

Perhaps my daughter will find this.

“This article is written for alienated children all over the world but especially for those who are in the age group 16 – 30 when the questioning of the self and the sensation of being half alive is strongest.  It is written particularly for children who have asked me questions, all of whom have shown that their world is not as complete as they believe it to be.  It is written with love and with tenderness and with the absolute knowledge that psychological splitting is as harmful to an adult child as it is in childhood. It is written with the hope that any adult child who is reading this might understand that their own life is the most precious thing of all and that living for the self, through repairing the damage done in childhood, is key to emotional and psychological freedom.  

This is not about your parents, it is about you and your relationship with the parent you have rejected is the key to lighting up the whole of your internal world.  It doesn’t mean pleasing your parent or giving in to them, it doesn’t mean you even have to like your parent.  This is about letting the half alive self heal, so that in your internal world, you are in relationship to all of the people in your life who were present on the day you were born.  It is about releasing the energy you are using to keep the door to that other side shut, so that you can be free to be the whole of who you are.

 Let it go.  Open the door.  You have nothing to lose but your captured mindset and more to gain than you could ever dream possible.

 This is not about your parents, it is all about you.”

Karen Woodall

I was asked a question recently about how one can recover as an alienated child.  Clearly the person asking the question was beginning the process of working through the reasons why they, as a young adult, may think about the world in a different way to other people.  In responding to the question, I found myself wandering the backstreets of the world of the alienated child again.  A world which is dimly lit at best and at worst, is full of shadows and secrets and lies, to such an extent that reality based thinking is more or less impossible.  It got me thinking, how does a child recover from the experience of psychological splitting and what is the psychological journey to full health that must be taken?

The process of psychological splitting, which is the strongest symptom of alienation, drives a child back into an infantile state of mind…

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