Colour coded

Well it appears my daughter is back. I will still advocate for awareness of PA and positive change for those who tread this path now or in the future. It’s not all plain sailing yet – emotional damage can run deep for our children. But I will keep my blog, though I will probably have to rename it soon – which is a wonderful thing. 


Thai banks are colour coded. Brilliant simplicity. I like it. You can find the ATM you want easily. So today my quest was to get a photo of each bank for you. I had to dodge a couple of security guards but mission accomplished.
Also a little tip. Be careful if you ask whether a bank (or anything)is very far away – Because the Thais use the exact same word for “near” and “far” – glai. It all depends on the tone used! Chance of understanding the exact opposite of what you need should be factored in. But who wants certainty anyway? I’m certain I don’t.


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