Hello Acceptance

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve neglected my blog about my PA struggles and therein lies the clue. That would be because I am spending more time in “Acceptance”. I’ve decided to drop the burden I’ve been dragging for over a decade. And its liberating. Its now 7 long years since I was in her … More Hello Acceptance

Of Pain and Paris

A few days ago my daughter left to travel around Europe for 6 months. She didn’t say goodbye. I don’t know where she is going but I imagine she will be in Paris at some stage. Paris is significant in our relationship and I thought I would share why it invokes special memories for me … More Of Pain and Paris

Waiting For S

As of today I have had about 8 hours contact with my daughter in the last 1607 days. That’s 8 hours out of 38568 hours or 0.02% of the time passed in the last four and a half years. So for 99.98% of the time since she turned 13 she has not seen her Dad. … More Waiting For S