My quota of quotes

Those who have followed my struggle over the last 15 years will know I have collected a few favorite quotes on my journey, which I used for illustration or inspiration. Early on, especially when lined up for target practice in our family-law killing fields, I liked Churchill’s advice: “When you are going through hell, keep … More My quota of quotes

The road home

Its my only child’s birthday today. The day she was born I was walking on air. It’s a special day that we should celebrate together. But the last time I managed to see her on her birthday was exactly 13 years ago today. She was just 7 years old, a cheeky blonde chatterbox with a … More The road home

Of anguish and angst

If you want to talk about grief, talk to a parent who has buried their child. If you want to talk about emotional abuse, talk to someone who has escaped an intimate relationship with a manipulative personality disordered partner. If you want to talk about betrayal, talk to someone who suddenly discovers their partner has … More Of anguish and angst

Hello Acceptance

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve neglected my blog about my PA struggles and therein lies the clue. That would be because I am spending more time in “Acceptance”. I’ve decided to drop the burden I’ve been dragging for over a decade. And its liberating. Its now 7 long years since I was in her … More Hello Acceptance

An Examination of Parental Alienation through Transactional Analysis

This post will probably only be interesting to alienated parents or people who enjoy psychology. In 1964 Psychiatrist Eric Berne wrote “Games People Play” to introduce his theory of Transactional Analysis about the dynamics of human relationships. I am not trained in psychology but I was fascinated by its potential to illustrate how the normal … More An Examination of Parental Alienation through Transactional Analysis

The Positive Path

Today is my daughter’s 19th birthday. I haven’t seen her on her birthday since she turned 7 and Its been 6 years since we were in each other’s lives. So far today I haven’t been able to contact her. Wherever she is I send all my love and hope she is happy. Sir Richard Attenborough … More The Positive Path