Colour coded

Well it appears my daughter is back. I will still advocate for awareness of PA and positive change for those who tread this path now or in the future. It’s not all plain sailing yet – emotional damage can run deep for our children. But I will keep my blog, though I will probably have … More Colour coded

The road home

Its my only child’s birthday today. The day she was born I was walking on air. It’s a special day that we should celebrate together. But the last time I managed to see her on her birthday was exactly 13 years ago today. She was just 7 years old, a cheeky blonde chatterbox with a … More The road home

Of anguish and angst

If you want to talk about grief, talk to a parent who has buried their child. If you want to talk about emotional abuse, talk to someone who has escaped an intimate relationship with a manipulative personality disordered partner. If you want to talk about betrayal, talk to someone who suddenly discovers their partner has … More Of anguish and angst

Hello Acceptance

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve neglected my blog about my PA struggles and therein lies the clue. That would be because I am spending more time in “Acceptance”. I’ve decided to drop the burden I’ve been dragging for over a decade. And its liberating. Its now 7 long years since I was in her … More Hello Acceptance