Lazy Journalism

By email to the journo Hi R Re: Family Court Ruling: violent father given sole custody of child SMH 17/4/16 Just wanted to give you some feedback on your article I could write an aggressive angry email to you but that’s not me and its hardly going to change your views. I could take a … More Lazy Journalism

The Missing Years

Originally posted on Karen Woodall:
Alienation is a cruel experience because it removes from a child or young person the opportunity to engage with all of the aspects of people who love them in ways that enable them to accept that people can do good and bad things.  It causes children and young people to…

A New Chapter

Today my daughter turned 18. Today I have an adult daughter rather than a child. Until today I had a need, an obligation and a responsibility to do absolutely all in my power to stay in her life and try to help her if I was worried about her welfare. I was worried and I … More A New Chapter

Upholding the great tradition of elite boarding schools

To the kind, caring and thoughtful administration of _____ School. My daughter turns 18 today. I am sure that she has left your school very well emotionally adjusted and ready to take on the world because apparently she got a very good score in her final Year 12 exams. We all know that’s what its … More Upholding the great tradition of elite boarding schools

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. 

Yesterday was a tough day. A few years ago I found myself self-representing in a hostile interstate family court. I was already physically and emotionally at the end of my resources and I was vastly outgunned. The abject failure of society’s supposed instrument to protect my daughter’s best interests enabled others to have a free … More Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. 

Concert Pieces

Thought I’d brighten the mood on my blog with a couple of posts I made recently about my other job – at Sydney Opera House. The Messiah I’ve been working at SOH for Handel’s Messiah with the full Sydney Philharmonic choir. But the difference this year is they have a sign language choir at the … More Concert Pieces

I’m angry

I’m angry. I’m angry at the incredible hypocrisy of the custodian “parents” of my daughter who have hearts as black as ink and revel in the ease in which they have got away with dishonesty, blatant disregard of Court Orders and the extreme ease of manipulation of a disgracefully unfair and biased Family Court. I … More I’m angry